What happens when a restraining order expires in Virginia

Your order will only be good for a fixed amount of time. For instance, it might be useful for six months or for a year. When you read the order, you will see that it says once the law expires.

When you get your order, you will see that you have a court date set up for the day your order ends. If you still need the law at that point, you can again go to the court and request the judge to brand the bill for another year. It does not matter if something fresh has occurred between court hearings. What matters is if you are still fearful that the insulting person will hurt you or your child.

If you don’t go to court on that day, your order will expire on that day.


Orders for guardianship, child provision or visitation filed on 209A protective order will also expire with the protective order.

If you want the protection, provision, or visitation orders to last but you do not wish your 209A order to continue:

  • you need to file a fresh case in the Probate & Domestic Court;
  • You must also submit a motion for temporary custody, child provision or parenting period when you register the new suit. Provisional orders might permit you to keep the care and rule the same while you wait for your unique trial to be definite.

Can I get a lasting 209A protective order?

Yes, a judge can offer you a lasting defensive order.  The magistrate cannot brand your first order enduring, but the magistrate can brand the following order permanent. When your opening order expires, you can request the judge to give you a lasting order.  Moreover, you can ask for a permanent rule at future hearings when you seek the court to extend the law for a second or third period.

Juries do not brand orders permanent in most cases. They only brand orders enduring when people require permanent injunctions. If you think you expect a permanent rule, inform the magistrate why you need it.

It is a decent idea to talk to an advocate or an attorney for additional information about receiving a lasting defensive order. To speak to an advocate, contact SAFEPLAN. Call your essential legal services agency to see if you can acquire free assistance.

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